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Gender Swap – Experiment with The Machine to Be Another

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Slider | 5 comments

Gender Swap is an experiment that uses The Machine to Be Another system as a platform for embodiment experience (a neuroscience technique in which users can feel themselves like if they were in a different body). In order to create the brain illusion we use the immersive Head Mounted Display Oculus Rift, and first-person cameras. To create this perception, both users have to synchronize their movements. If one does not correspond to the movement of the other, the embodiment experience does not work. It means that both users have to constantly agree on every movement they make. Through out this experiment, we aim to investigate issues like Gender Identity, Queer...

‘Dancing on the Feet’ – Embodied Dance Performance presented at L’estruch

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in Sin categoría | 1 comment

  During Art Residency at L‘estruch we had the opportunity to collaborate with dancers from the Group Liant La Troca. We followed the suggestion of members of the group to use ‘the Machine’ as a tool through which they would be able to see themselves dancing in a standing position. The experiment was converted into a dance performance presented at L’estruch in July and also gave new horizons for the use of the system as a tool for neurological rehabilitation. The performance – called ‘Caracoleando en el Espejo’ – was created and  presented by Victoria Martínez Alés y Cristina Roca, in which Cristina shared her body perspective with Victoria, allowing her to see...

BeAnotherLab @Medicine Hack Day by MIT Technology Review

Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 in Slider | 0 comments

Publicado en MIT Technology Review  por ELENA ZAFRA (OPINNO) en 31/07/2013 Los retos más urgentes de la medicina, en manos de los ‘hackers’ Programadores, médicos y diseñadores se reúnen en el HUB Madrid para crear aplicaciones con las que afrontar juntos problemas como el infarto o la anorexia.   Una puerta de plancha metálica pintada de brillantes colores abre paso al espacio donde se celebra el hackaton. En la calle el sol dispara los termómetros, pero dentro del HUB Madrid una lluvia de ideas arrecia desde primera hora de la mañana. Allí se han reunido decenas de personas con sus regletas, ordenadores, cables y placas Arduino y un objetivo común: hackear la medicina. La dinámica...

“The girl of blood tears” – Performance by (mother and daughter) Anna and Sarah Recasens

Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Slider | 1 comment

Description of the experiment “the girl of blood tears” using the Machine To Be Another, in collaboration with 2 artists (mother and daughter): Anna and Sarah Recasens Sarah is a 12-year-old brilliant story teller. She is the daughter of Anna Recasens – artist in residency at L’estruch, Sabadell, dedicated to the convergence of social activism, cultural occupations and art. Sara claims herself a ‘parasite art resident’ of the institution, once she has organized events for kids around toys/books/games exchange and also workshops for adults (about ‘how to create your monster’, for example). Sarah is collaborating with us during a series of experiments by The Machine to Be Another. On...

Design plan for future embodied dance performances

Posted by on Apr 22, 2013 in Slider | 0 comments

One of the investigations we are planning is to use ‘the Machine’ for a Performance in which a dancer in wheel chairs (the user) will be able to feel himself dancing stand up and to control the movements of his embodied legs (the peformer good working legs). The challenge is to allow the dancer in wheel chair to improvise movements beyond the rehearsed choreography. Our intention is to develop a system and methodology that can be replicated in future in rehabilitation systems. For that, we want to develop a system to translate user’s intention of moving his legs and transmit it in real time to the performer, by converging...