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Case Study of TheMachineToBeAnother – MIT DocLab

Posted by on May 17, 2015 in Sin categoría | 0 comments

The Limits of Virtual Reality: Debugging the Empathy Machine by Ainsley Sutherland “If you grip the handles, sir, you will… share his suffering, as you know, but that is not all. You will also participate in his… World-view’ is not the correct term. Ideology? No. […] No word will do, and that is the entire point. It cannot be described — it must be experienced.” — The Little Black Box, by Philip K. Dick (Published in Worlds of Tomorrow, 1964) The Machine to be Another is a performance piece that could almost be drawn from the eerily prescient world of 1960s science fiction. Outfitted with an Oculus Rift, headphones, and seated safely in a...

Fast Company’s innovation by design awards

Posted by on Oct 25, 2014 in Awards | 0 comments

  We are honored to have been finalists in Fast Company’s Innovation By Design Awards, in the experimental area with our GenderSwap experiment!! A big thank you to everyone that made this possible. Again, it’s amazing to be next such incredible projects by amazing people! Congratulations to the Tangible Media Group at MIT’s Media Lab for being the winner with it’s amazing project InFORM. Check all the finalists in the Experimental Innovation by Design Awards...

Prix Ars Electronica!!

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Ars Electronica, Awards | 0 comments

We are extremely happy to announce that we were awarded a Honorary Mention from Ars Electronica!     BeAnotherLab received this Mention in the area of Interactive Art, and we’d love to share that since our beginning, it was among of our far-away goals. We are happy to be here, after two years of hard work  (: Our project was born from a very simple dream that many of us has had: how would it be like to see the world through the eyes of someone else? And would this make us better at understanding otherness? With this simple and beautiful premise, we imagined the world of possibilities that...

Laval Virtual Award!

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Awards, Featured, Research, Sin categoría | 0 comments

BeAnotherLab is happy to announce that, in April of this year, we were awarded a Learning, Sciences and Humanities award from Laval Virtual!! Laval Virtual is among the biggest events of virtual reality throughout the world, and this year it awarded institutions such as the Tangible Media Group at MIT & the University of Tokyo. We are very happy to be between them! BeAnotherLab is an independent group that aims at empowering the world through Creative Commons technology for building empathy between individuals and groups. So far we have not relied on any external financial support, and it’s a big pride for us to be next to some of...

First public report from one being another @ the Verge

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Sin categoría | 0 comments

I am no longer Aaron Souppouris. I am a woman. I am a stranger. I stare down at the mask I hold in my hands, struggling to comprehend how those hands, which are clearly not mine, are allowing me to feel its curves and cracks. As I glance at the mirror in front of me, my new lip piercing glimmers under the harsh fluorescent lights. This is not a fever dream, not a hallucination, not even a video game. This is The Machine To be Another. Aaron Souppouris. check the full article @ The...

The Machine to Be Another and “Gender Swap” on PRESS

Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 in Sin categoría | 0 comments

The group calls it the “Machine To Be Another.” Kind of weird and kind of cool, and to be honest, might make you a liiiittle bit uncomfortable. But the point is to get you out of your comfort zone.(…) This is just a part of the Machine to Be Another project. BeAnotherLab also foresees using Oculus Rift in various ways to teach empathy. For example, it has plans to use the device in the treatment and research of disabilities, as well as other ways that would let the wearer what’s its like to be someone different from them. (…) And if you aren’t convinced of how cool the Oculus Rift...