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Here you can find a whitepaper of our system for building empathy.

Here you can find the 3D files for Vest.

Visit our BeAnotherLab’s GitHub profile for downloading our most recent code!!

Or you can check our current hardware setup for building your system. Remember that our license is Creative Commons Non-Commercial ShareAlike, so feel free to recreate ONLY for non-commercial applications:


*Note that the following setup is for The Machine to Be Another. Our GenderSwap experiment setup varies. If you’re interested in the GenderSwap setup, feel free to write us.

  • 1 head mounted displays (our latest version runs with Oculus Rift DK1)
  • 1 set of wireless headphones for the user
  • 1  wide angle webcam (for the performer). We recommend hacking a PS 3 eye for Windows. Note that we are developing with stereoscopy.
  • 1 Machine to Be Another Kit (soon available for anyone).
  • 3 servomotors.
  • 1 computer.
  • Long enough cables for the former.
  • Our code: Programed in: OpenFrameworks, Pure Data, and OSC mobile apps (TouchOSC and Control).

Soon, we will be posting interaction protocols.

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