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BE ANOTHER LAB is an international, interdisciplinary collective dedicated to investigate embodied and telepresence experiments. We believe that the understanding of the “self” is related to the understanding of the “Other” and that more than individuals, we are part of a broader system called humanity. Under this perspective, we search for innovative possibilities on the concepts of embodied interaction, extended body and extended mind by mixing low-budget digital technology with social relations, Web and neuroscience methodologies.

We develop Creative Commons tools based on OpenKnowledge and are collaborating with experimental psychologists and neuroscientists to develop usage procedures to ‘the machine’ as a low-budget rehabilitation system, and also as an immersive role playing system.



Philippe Bertrand (BR): interdisciplinary artist, investigator, activist. Interested in interactive narratives and 2.0 tools of social intervention.


Christian Cherene (UK): researcher, performer, Interactive System designer. Interest in Rehabilitation Game Systems, hyper-documentation and neuroscience.


Daniel González Franco (ES): electronic explorer, interest in visual/sound interactive art, VR, binaural audio, embodiment and telepresence.


Daanish Masood (US): No-self (annatta), peacemaking, united nations, resolving inter-religious/interethnic conflicts, writing, storytelling. Interested in techno-shamanism, embodiment, empathy, and performance.


Marte Roel (MX): artist, professor and researcher of embodiment surrounding spatial cognition, play behavior and agency. He has explored the intersection of art and technology for modulating perceptual contingencies.

Arthur Tres (DE): Programmer seeking the empowerment of individuals and communities by digital means. He likes to work in interdisciplinary environments where science, humanities and technology meet and stimulate each other.


Hardware designers: Lana Awad and Anastasia Pistofidou – from FabLab BCN

Electronic circuit and board design: Angel Muñoz – from

PerformersVictoria Martínez Alés, Cristina Roca, Sarah Recasens, Youssoupha Diop, Merce Altarriba, Rikke Frances Wahl, JJ Devereaux, Norma Deseke

Collaborations during  art residency at l’Estruch:

Investigaton:  Jordi Planas – artist and tecno-culture investigator

Special thanks: 

We want to give a special thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all those people who in many ways have helped us make this project become reality. We hope that someday soon we can give back to them a little bit of their priceless energy.

CONACULTA (Mexico), CJ, Lana Awad, Anastasia Pistofidou, Klaudia Grechuta, Teresa Gil López, Alvaro Sanchez-Ferro, Juan Pablo Romero Muñoz,  Aurélin Bourquard, Rocío Marquez,Chinos International CC team, Barbara Gudrun Gauer,  Guadalupe Llorens, Isidor Fernàndez, Xavier Ducastilla, Inma Vicente, Desiree Cascales and all members of  Lliant la Troca, Diego Suarez,  Hannes Don Uan, Irene Birulés, the team of L’estruch and Media Estruch,  besides all dancers, artists, Journalists users and experts  that took part in tests, interviews and discussions  during the process of  art residency at L’estruch.