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MIT colaboration – research and production with MIT


In the beginning of October, 2014, we began a journey collaborating with a great group of wonderful people at the MIT Media Lab. Our aim was to design a road trip that is open to serendipity: Culturunners.


The team at the Media Lab in MIT with Azra Aksamija

The team at the Media Lab in MIT with Azra Aksamija


Culturunners is conjoined initiative between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Edge of Arabia (a cultural platform for dialog between the middle east and the western world) that aims at creating empathy between the US and the Middle East through nomad cultural initiatives.

BeAnotherLab was invited to participate in this project, and began its intervention on a series of workshops and symposium that was held at MIT during the first week of October. The event was extremely dynamic and inspiring, so many stories from diverse, interesting, and genius people. The project itself is inspiring: a nomad artist studio that is a window between the Middle East and the US.

From that week, a long-term panorama of inspiration came about, and we are celebrating our collaboration with everyone involved. What an amazing group of people!

We are also happy to say that we will be having a research fellowship at MIT starting on January, 2015, hoping to find collaboration and inspiration to continue our research and empathy endeavours.

Please come back for news about our participation in Culturunners, and advancements with our research at MIT!