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‘Dancing on the Feet’ – Embodied Dance Performance presented at L’estruch


During Art Residency at L‘estruch we had the opportunity to collaborate with dancers from the Group Liant La Troca. We followed the suggestion of members of the group to use ‘the Machine’ as a tool through which they would be able to see themselves dancing in a standing position. The experiment was converted into a dance performance presented at L’estruch in July and also gave new horizons for the use of the system as a tool for neurological rehabilitation.

The performance – called ‘Caracoleando en el Espejo’ – was created and  presented by Victoria Martínez Alés y Cristina Roca, in which Cristina shared her body perspective with Victoria, allowing her to see herself ‘dancing on her feet’.  The investigation also resulted in the development of a new ‘gesture vocabulary’ for the choreography, through which Victoria (the user) could communicate to Cristina (the performer) and send her, in real time, instructions to control her virtual legs and improvise during the presentation.


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  1. excellent travaille de coordination du mouvement travail tres interessant sur un plan therapeutique merci de ce partage amicalement

    lucie a geneve


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