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Design plan for future embodied dance performances


One of the investigations we are planning is to use ‘the Machine’ for a Performance in which a dancer in wheel chairs (the user) will be able to feel himself dancing stand up and to control the movements of his embodied legs (the peformer good working legs). The challenge is to allow the dancer in wheel chair to improvise movements beyond the rehearsed choreography. Our intention is to develop a system and methodology that can be replicated in future in rehabilitation systems. For that, we want to develop a system to translate user’s intention of moving his legs and transmit it in real time to the performer, by converging the 2 sub-systems:

ACTIVATION (for user):

USER MUSCLE’S TENSION CONTROLLING PERFORMER’ LEGS MOVEMENTS: muscle sensors (we have them) placed on the user will allow him to trigger the movement of the performer leg’s by tensioning his (user) own muscles. 

ECG CONTROLLING ACTIONS: we are also considering the use of an ECG to map the intention of moving arms and legs to trigger the actions of the performer.

RECEPTION (for performer)

VIBRATION ENGINES FOR PERFORMER: to send the information to the performer we plan to use small vibration engines located in specific parts of the performer’s body, and that are activated by the 2 systems of trigger.


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