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Summer Workshop, Barcelona – Production of Pre-Recorded Experiences with The Machine

Workshop at Hangar with The Machine to Be Another


Across 5 afternoons, participants will be guided to experience different sets of The Machine to Be Another, learn and train how to create Embodied VR Experiences, and to co-create a new piece in immersive video for Embodied Virtual Reality. Researchers from BeAnotherLab will guide the process and offer immersive cameras, sets of first-person cameras and Oculus Rifts


DATES: 2nd or 3rd week of August (confirm your interest here)*

PROGRAM: 5 sessions of 4 hours each

Session 1: Presentation. Experiences with different sets of The Machine To Be Another. Brainstorming for immersive experiences production.

Session 2: Ideation, Storyline, Prototype of Embodiment interaction, Production Plan.

Session 3: Production of Video and Protocols of interaction

Session 4: Edition of Video and tests of protocols of interaction

Session 5: Presentation day of the finalised Embodied VR experiences.


LANGUAGES: Spanish or English

INVESTMENT: 120 euros

CONTACT: . Please write “Hangar Workshop” on subject


*Workshop will only happen if we have the confirmation of a minimum of 5 participants

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