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The Machine to Be Another and “Gender Swap” on PRESS

The group calls it the “Machine To Be Another.” Kind of weird and kind of cool, and to be honest, might make you a liiiittle bit uncomfortable. But the point is to get you out of your comfort zone.(…) This is just a part of the Machine to Be Another project. BeAnotherLab also foresees using Oculus Rift in various ways to teach empathy. For example, it has plans to use the device in the treatment and research of disabilities, as well as other ways that would let the wearer what’s its like to be someone different from them. (…) And if you aren’t convinced of how cool the Oculus Rift is by now, maybe you haven’t been paying attention GizModo

Together, the goal of Be Another Lab is to explore the concepts of empathy through technology, science, and art (…) Be Another Lab takes a different, more visceral approach to exploring empathy. Instead of using digital avatars, the group uses performers to copy the movements of a subject: for example, racial bias is studied by having a subject’s actions mirrored by a performer of color. (…) It’s a radical idea that Be Another Lab is only beginning to explore. Right now, their experiments have mostly focused on gender swapping, which the team hopes will also explore issues in regards to transgender and queer bias. The group is currently looking to partner with organizations, experts and activists to help them further perfect their techniques (…) They say to truly understand someone, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. Thanks to the Machine To Be Another, you won’t just walk that mile, you’ll feel the blisters on the other person’s feet. FastCoDesign

Swap Genders with Oculus Rift, Get Empathy The promise of virtual reality becoming anactual reality has got some people thinking of fresher, weirder directions to take our idea of gameplay than just making yet another generation of games about killing space aliens. (…) While stepping into another person’s shoes might initially sound less exciting than many of the other things you can do in a video game,The Machine to Be Anotherdoes something far more subversive to these two “players”: it swaps their gender. (…) But the thought of being able to use full-blown virtual reality to step into another person’s shoes? It’s hard not to get excitedMotherboard VICE

By continuously agreeing actions to perform, the project aims to keep the sensation of being in another body without being disrupted by incongruous or unexpected gestures. (…) The Machine To Be Another has already allowed for the exploration of several experiences in a similar vein including a woman who uses a wheelchair sharing an account of disrespect directed at those with physical disabilities Wired UK

Talk about seeing the world through someone else’s eyes (…) Oculus VR ngel investor Marc Andreessen, who is now on the board of directors for the company, has said that Oculus Rift “will redefine fundamental human experiences.”The Machine to Be Another experiment seems to be doing just that. Future design plans for the project will benefit participants with disabilities and allow those who use wheelchairs to dance, according to its website. HuffPost Live

There’s A Strange New Way To Use The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset, And It Involves Swapping Bodies  Business Insider

Au-delà de la prouesse technologique et de l’aspect ludique de l’expérience, elle pose sur le plan philosophique la question, essentielle dans la réfléxion sur l’égalité des sexes et leurs différences biologiques, de savoir comment la perception de soi, le fait d’avoir un corps différent peut influencer ou pas la vision du monde. Le

Long-running performance art installation The Machine to be Anotheris a literal, perhaps radical take on the Oculus Rift’s promise to let you simulate being anywhere or anyone. (…) The most dramatic examples are men and women looking at themselves as another gender, but body size and build seem disorienting as well: what’s it like for a tall, heavy man to become slight, and vice versa? The Verge

Although this example is an experiment in identity and self-realization, beanotherlab is looking towards using ‘the machine to be another’ the device in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities Design Boom

Obviously isn’t a perfect simulation, but the goal is clear: To give a glimpse, however briefly, into the everyday world of others Kotaku

The MTBA system is an example of an ‘embodiment experience’ – a neuroscience technique in which users are made to feel as if they are in a different body. It can be used to promote empathy, for example, or increase understanding of differences. DaillyMail

And it’s designed to create mutual respect between the two. It’s really a kind of a feminist type experiment. Right This Minute (video)

Como seria se uma pessoa racista passasse um tempo no corpo de alguém da etnia que detesta e menospreza? Ou então, qual seria a reação de um machista ao se ver na pele de uma mulher? O coletivo artístico BeAnotherLab tem tentado responder estas perguntas. Na prática. CatracaLivre

and more on Digg, France, Japan, Russia and Brazil (UpDateorDie!, IdeaFixa)

Who among us hasn’t wondered at one point or another what it would be like to be another person, and maybe one of another gender? (CNET)

no estamos hablando de ciencia ficción, sino de un proyecto desarrollado por el colectivo artístico interdisciplinario español BeAnotherLab, cuyos campos van desde la ingeniería electrónica y la programación a la neurorrehabilitación. Pero ellos no son los magos del siglo XXI (Clarin)



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