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Gender Swap – Experiment with The Machine to Be Another

Gender Swap is an experiment that uses The Machine to Be Another system as a platform for embodiment experience (a neuroscience technique in which users can feel themselves like if they were in a different body).

In order to create the brain illusion we use the immersive Head Mounted Display Oculus Rift, and first-person cameras. To create this perception, both users have to synchronize their movements. If one does not correspond to the movement of the other, the embodiment experience does not work. It means that both users have to constantly agree on every movement they make. Through out this experiment, we aim to investigate issues like Gender Identity, Queer Theory, feminist technoscience, Intimacy and Mutual Respect.


  1. What cameras did you use? I’m guessing they’re 3d?

  2. I would love to hear from the participants, what they felt during the experiment. Thanks very much by the way, your idea is very interesting.

  3. I also would like to know how the experimenters felt during the trial. This technique may not only help neuroscience but also assist patients recovering from medical conditions that link to the brain. One that stands out for me is patients recovering from a stroke, where it may help to strengthen the pathways for the victim.

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  5. A very interesting experiment, but I don’t know why you refer to this as a ‘brain illusion”. It seems to be an experience/illusion that depends upon the whole body and its movements. In general, you seem to be conflating two very conflicting accounts of the mind: representationalism (according to which the brain reconstructs a model of the world from sensory information) and embodied cognition (according to which mind is not ‘in the mind’, but is something we ‘do’ with our whole being).


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